First found in 2009 as a artisan brand by Irene Yip, Being of Love has been based in Hong Kong for more than eight years.


Over the years, the brand has transformed from an amateur accessories maker to a professional milliner. It is now registered as a private company in Hong Kong under the name “Being of Love Company”. It provides bridal fashion consulting services, haute couture millinery services and millinery training to local and internationally customers. The company sells made-to-order and ready-made hats and headpieces to customers.

The brand has earned its name for making luxurious, delicate, durable and stylish hats and bridal headpieces over the years, The milliner and the brand are very well-known among racegoers, artisans, and in the wedding industry. It has more than 8000 followers on Facebook and Irene Yip has already delivered more than 300 workshop for millinery learners in Hong Kong. 

About Irene the milliner


The writer-turned-milliner Irene Yip obtained a degree from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Translation and Chinese in 2001. She had worked in the creative media for more than 10 years and published some award-winning fiction titles before she became a full-time milliner.


She has a strong interest in craft and fashion for a long time. With her self-taught techniques she started making hats and headpieces and sold them online to customers from around the world. And later she established Being of Love and started promoting millinery as fashion items in Hong Kong. She teaches millinery classes regularly and has became a well-known name of the millinery know- how in the city.


Later in 2013, she received formal millinery training at an intensive summer programme at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. From time to time, she attends various master classes hosted by milliners across Europe to brush up her millinery knowledge and skills.

With her love for history and modern spirits, her works usually involve conversations between the new and the old. Her works are classy and elegance yet always with a touch of modern twist. Every hat she made is from scratch with traditional millinery technique. Beautifully hand dyed fabric flowers are one of her favourite elements on which she usually spends a lot of time in colouring, hand-cutting and shaping, petal by petal. She sees the “true and delicate handmade” as one of the major reasons for a hat to become a timeless masterpiece.


Irene Yip has become a full-time milliner since 2012. As a hat lover, she is also very interested in horse racing events from around the world. She herself is a racegoer and she has good understanding of the dress code and fashion at the racecourses in Europe and Australia. She is always fascinated by the festive and elegant aura which she has experienced outside Hong Kong and would like to dedicate herself in promoting fashion at the racecourse in her hometown.


In 2017, Being of Love was invited to be the hat seller at the Sasa Ladies Purse Day 2017 by the Hong Kong Jockey Club



Being of Love Company

Location: Wan Chain, Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 90144099

Email: ​beingoflove.irene@gmail.com

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